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 TARAB:  "Evoking the ancient tradition of women's music and dance"
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  TARAB performs music and dance in a way that evokes and draws upon the ancient and rich traditions of women's performance art. They create an atmosphere which is informal, vibrant and refined, presenting performance pieces inspired by the rhythms, melodies and dance of the Middle East yet with a contemporary feel.

Tarab Middle Eastern Music and Drumming

  TARAB is Shekhinah Morgan (dance and percussion),Persia Wildwood (reeds and percussion) Ruth Maitland (percussion and dance), Karen Tollan (percussion) and Ann O'Brien  (percussion and dance)

Tarab Middle Eastern Music and Drumming Tarab Middle Eastern Music and Drumming

  As the occasion demands TARAB expands into a troupe of vibrant and elegant dancers and musicians.

  The arabic word TARAB refers to a 'mood or atmosphere of enchantment' created by a performance.

Tarab Middle Eastern Music and Drumming
                          Riq and Tar  

  With authentic instruments, gorgeous costumes and a very unique ensemble sound TARAB creates a tapestry of beauty and sensuality which is sure to bring you pleasure.

    Karen and Shekhinah  
Tarab Middle Eastern Music and Drumming

  The choreographies are loosely structured to allow for improvised interaction between dancers and musicians.

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TARAB : "Mood or atmosphere of enchantment"

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